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Who We Are


It is our mission to enable our clients to continue living at home through the provision of high-quality home care services and pro-active support tailored to their needs.


In Friendship was founded by Taqwa Galpin who has a passion for driving up the quality of care and improving the lives of those in need. In Friendship was created with two clear objectives in mind:


  • high quality, compassionate client-led support services for older people and

  • a stable and supportive environment for our care and support staff

We operate throughout Oxfordshire delivering the full range of home care services caring for older people who may no longer be able to live a full quality of life. Our customers are people who want a bit of extra help and companionship. Services can be funded privately or through your local authority but it is always delivered to the same high standard, whoever pays.

Our founder, Taqwa has over 12 years experience in care through her previous involvement working with a range of private and public support organisations.  These include serving the general public as a Police Community Support Officer for Thames Valley Police, where she first discovered her passion for supporting older people within the local community. Taqwa then transferred this experience to domiciliary care and more recently as a qualified Dementia Advisor for Dementia Oxfordshire as part of Age UK. 

Taqwa's passion is now engrained into In Friendship's belief that all clients are deserving of the highest level quality of care that is built by the client, for the client.



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